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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Walsall petrol in diesel Toyota Auris

Thanks Andy, for all your help this morning with my car. I’ve only had this diesel Toyota Auris for a few days and I previously had a petrol Toyota Corolla and was just so used to filling up with petrol that I put petrol in the diesel car on autopilot. I was proper confused when it wouldn’t start after I had filled it up and then I think the smell hit me and it was petrol not diesel. I must have tried to start the engine about 4 times so all the petrol was sucked into the fuel system. I thought that was probably the end for the fuel lines and filter and everything. I spoke to the AA and they said that they would come and tow me in about 2 hours. I called you while I was waiting as I found your website on Google, and you spoke sense to me unlike the AA bloke. I thought there ought to be a solution in this day and age and so I cancelled the AA and booked you instead. Boy am I glad I did too! About 25 minutes later, even though the Walsall traffic was terrible, you magically appeared in a smart looking van with a load of sophisticated looking machinery on board. Fuel drain all sorted in 15 mins and less than an hour later I’m mobile once more and the car is running better than it was before I put the wrong fuel in it! That’s what I call a good service and unfortunately it’s rare to find companies that provide decent customer service nowadays. I’ll be sure to put a good word in for you when possible and I’ll recommend you to my mates and my family as long as they promise not to laugh at me!

Cheers Buddy,

Alan Case, Wrong Fuel Walsall, petrol in diesel Toyota Auris

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