wrong fuel in car
wrong fuel medic Contact Details
wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Filled up with the wrong fuel? Make sure that your wrong fuel removal engineer uses the right equipment.

This is important information about forecourt safety and Fuel Drain companies that we believed was essential to pass on given our recent experiences with the alarming activities of some of our wrong fuel removal industry competitors. When you’ve just filled your car up with the wrong fuel, you’ll probably be a little anxious and distracted, the forecourt owner may have given you a contact card for a wrong fuel removal company or you may have found one on your smart phone and chosen whoever was top of Google that day.

How to avoid putting yourself and your vehicle at risk

As in any industry, not all wrong fuel removal companies operate in the same way and some even put customers at risk. Removal of the wrong fuel from a car or van is a specialist activity requiring specialist equipment. If the company you call turn up with a dodgy looking van and they look like they intend to drain the fuel out of your car into some large plastic containers with ancient, dirty equipment, don’t be afraid to turn them away. They are undoubtedly unlicensed, inexperienced and may be breaking the law. Fuel should only be drained from a vehicle into a specially built steel vessel (Type Approved, CE Marked, UN Approved and certified for the transport of dangerous goods) using clean, well serviced equipment. Petrol is a highly volatile, flammable substance and anyone handling the fuel drain incorrectly puts everyone on the forecourt at great risk of injury or even death.

Just ask! A reputable engineer will happily explain how the wrong fuel removal system works.

Don’t be afraid to inspect the equipment being used to perform the fuel drain on your vehicle beforehand, after all this company is going to charge you for the work and they are carrying out on your more than likely very valuable vehicle. If you’re at all unsure about anything and the forecourt representative hasn’t turned up to inspect the equipment, then we would highly recommend that you refuse their service. Call the Fuel Medic and we’ll be more than happy to explain the use of our system and to demonstrate our very strict safety code when performing the wrong fuel removal from your vehicle.

All of our vehicles and equipment are maintained to the highest standards and our friendly, patient engineers will explain this and invite you to make your own inspection to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the job that needs to be done.

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