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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel In A Motorbike? We Have The Solution.

Wrong Fuel in MotorcycleThe recent warm weather has bought all those motorcycles that have been stored away for the winter, out once more whilst bikers take advantage of safer, dry roads. The problem is that many of these fair weather bikers drive diesel cars during the winter and when the weather is wet. It looks like a fair number of them are heading to the fuel station to put unleaded fuel into their motorbikes and are then re-fueling on autopilot. They pick up the diesel nozzle, as usual, and fill up their bike with diesel instead of petrol. The mistake only comes to light when they turn the key in the ignition and discover that their bike won’t start. They realise they’ve put the wrong fuel in the motorbike and that’s when we get the call.

As fuel prices have risen significantly in recent years, more and more motorists are looking for more fuel efficient, convenient modes of transport. Using public transport is very restrictive and is prone to delays with the increasing weight of traffic on UK roads and so motorcycles are looking like the more attractive option when the weather is good. Bikers can make their work commute faster whilst using less fuel.

This mindset is becoming increasingly popular amongst motorists and so the wrong fuel in motorcycle problem statistics are rising accordingly. Fortunately our expert fuel evacuation technicians are on hand to help. Our guys are all fully trained to carry out a thorough fuel drain on a motorcycle and they will arrive equipped with the right, high quality apparatus to do the job quickly and thoroughly.

What Do I Do If I Have Put The Wrong Fuel In My Motorcycle?

1) If you haven’t done so already, don’t turn the key in the ignition.

2) Whether you’re on the forecourt or on the road, move your motorcycle to a safe place with plenty of room for our technician to work on your bike.

3) Call our hotline 0845 664 7991 and let us know your location and the make and model of your motorbike.

Our amazing network of wrong fuel experts means that we can get a fully trained and insured technician to you within 40 minutes, as a rule, and often much faster. Customer service is our priority and so we will do everything we can to help and to alleviate the stress of the situation.

Why Is Putting The Wrong Fuel In A Motorcycle Such A Problem?

Motorcycle petrol engine cylinders operate under a much lower compression ratio than diesel engines. The petrol is ignited with a spark as it is much more volatile than diesel fuel. The diesel fuel/air mixture in the cylinder of a diesel engine needs to be highly compressed before it will ignite, through the use of a hot glow plug. Basically, the diesel fuel will not ignite and burn in the petrol engine cylinder environment and so the engine will not fire up. The diesel fuel can be cleared out of the system by flushing it with petrol as the petrol is a solvent and easily removes the oily diesel fuel. However, the equipment needed to do this job properly is expensive and requires an expert in fuel systems to use it. It certainly isn’t advisable to attempt to do the job yourself without the proper gear, due to the highly flammable fuel and the likelihood that some of the diesel will remain in the system and cause sporadic firing up problems and possible dangerous engine cutouts whilst riding.

Motorcycle engine components are smaller and less robust than car engine components and so are more easily damaged unless properly serviced and operated. It is essential that your motorcycle engine is attended to by a fuel system expert due to the potential for component damage. Modern motorcycle fuel system faults can easily lead to failure of major engine components such as fuel injectors and this can mean that a few pounds saved by attempting a DIY fuel drain will often result in a very expensive repair requirement a few weeks down the road.

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