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Wrong Fuel in classic car – Sutton Coldfield

Hi, I have a classic car, a 1952 Morris Minor. My pillock of a son used one of the fuel canisters I keep in the garage, specifically for the four star petrol I travel to Coventry to buy, after putting my 4 star in his car he then went and filled the canister up with unleaded which a week later I emptied into my precious moggie. Fortunately I’d only puled the car 10 feet or so onto the driveway to clean it when he told me he’d replaced the fuel he’d used with a big smile on his face expecting a pat on the back. I’m sure he’s the milkman’s. I don’t want to risk putting a lead additive in as I’ve ran her on 4 star all the way through as she’s not been converted and has the soft valve seats. I’m a purist and don’t want any fuel that she wasn’t designed for to be used. Having only run the car for a few seconds, will she be alright?

David Arthurs, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

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  1. Hello David

    I’m sure your car will be fine, if the car was only run for a few seconds it probably just used up the original fuel that was in the carburettor. A fuel drain would be the thing to put your mind at rest along with a lock on your garage door to keep your son out. Give us a ring on 08456 447991 and we’ll arrange for one of our team to pop by. One of our technicians in Tamworth is a classic car nut, we’ll make sure he’s scheduled to come to you.

    The Fuel Medic

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