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Wrong Fuel In A Classic Car

Wrong Fuel In A Classic CarThis time of year always has a few surprises for our engineers on the road. When the sun comes out and the temperature rises enough to warrant putting the top down, out come the classics. The motoring enthusiast’s pride and joys have been in the garage all winter whilst the weather was rubbish and now the tarpaulins are coming off and fresh oil and fuel are being put in. Unfortunately for some of these motorists, in a few cases it’s the wrong fuel that they fill up with!

Non-standard Fuel Tank Apertures

The wrong fuel in a classic car problem occurs because the fuel tank filling aperture on the majority of classic cars wasn’t a standard size to prevent a diesel nozzle going into an unleaded tank. The vast majority of cars on the road 50 or 60 years ago, ran on petrol and diesel was mainly used in some commercial vehicles and farming vehicles. Many of the roadside fuel stations only stocked petrol and not diesel so there was no need for motor manufacturers to ensure that fuel tank apertures differentiated between petrol and diesel nozzles. Consequently, it’s all too easy to accidentally pick up the diesel nozzle and fill up your classic with the wrong fuel type. In the majority of these cases, the motorist’s everyday car will be a diesel car and they have simply picked up the diesel nozzle through force of habit.

Fuel Degradation and Condensation

Another cause of our frequent call-outs to motorists with classic cars, is degraded fuel. If a classic has been parked up for many months with fuel left in the tank for all that time, very often the vehicle may not run at all well when the engine is started up the following summer. This may also happen due to condensation forming inside the tank and getting into the vehicle fuel lines. Often the only solution to getting the vehicle running again without risk of damaging the vehicle’s fuel system is to flush the whole system through with fresh unleaded fuel. Our wrong fuel engineers are specialists in this process and are fully trained to perform the operation on old classic engines as well as brand new, modern engines.

The Fuel Run-back Issue

As many classic cars are kept in storage for months at a time, it can be tough to get them going after a long period time under wraps. Very often any fuel remaining in the fuel lines can run back and air can get into the lines. It can then be difficult to draw fuel through the lines on trying to start the engine, even with a full tank of fuel. There are various methods that can be employed to force the engine to start, such as spraying starting fluid into the air intake. However, this activity is not recommended unless you are an expert mechanic. It’s very easy to spray in too much fluid and this can ruin your engine, which, in a classic, can mean many thousands of pounds worth of damage. A fuel flush through performed by an expert, which will replace the old fuel and air in the fuel lines with fresh fuel, is most certainly the safest, cheapest and best option to get your classic engine purring like a kitten for the summer months.

When it’s time to get your classic on the road again, give our engineers a call and we’ll help you get your engine running again without the stress. Also, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to put the wrong fuel in a classic car, call us for a rapid response service and we’ll take care of the problem for you whilst protecting your investment.

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