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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Emergency Services Assistance

Wrong Fuel Emergency Services Support and Assistance

Wrong Fuel Emergency Services VehicleWe are frequently contacted by employees of the UK’s emergency services to help them solve wrong fuel in emergency vehicle problems and also to provide assistance with situations involving fuel. We’re all well aware of the huge importance of helping to keep the UK’s emergency services running smoothly and so we will usually prioritise these cases, particularly where they involve ambulances. We are also regularly contacted by other government departments for help with vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

These type of wrong fuel situations often occur because the vehicle driver normally drives a petrol vehicle when off duty and the mistake is easily made when they then take charge of a diesel vehicle whilst in work. These drivers are often under a lot of pressure in their line of work, as UK roads are steadily becoming more and more busy year on year and their response times are constantly monitored. They often find themselves in situations where they have to be able to respond to an emergency at a moments notice but at peak traffic times which are always extending. The pressure results in a momentary loss of concentration, they’re only human after all.

Getting The Emergency Wrong Fuel Situation Resolved Quickly

Getting the emergency vehicle back on the road as fast as possible is obviously of critical importance and our amazing network of wrong fuel engineers allows us to allocate the closest available engineer with a mobile unit carrying the correct equipment for the job. Our knowledge of the types of vehicle used by the emergency services is important here. They often have large fuel tanks and our mobile unit will need to have the tank capacity to be able to potentially drain 75 litres of contaminated fuel from a vehicle such as an ambulance. These jobs need to be done quickly and precisely and we are proud to be trusted with this type of work.

Keeping Local Government Services Vehicles on the road

The local government in all of the UK’s towns and cities have a great many vehicles on the road. As well as emergency services vehicles, there are a huge variety of cars, vans, minibuses, single and double-decker buses and trucks driven by government employees. Fuel Medic are the ideal company to support these services because we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our engineers are fully trained to deal with any type of vehicle involved in a wrong fuel situation or any sort of incident where our engineer’s training and expertise may be required. Quite often we will be asked to assist in road traffic accident situations and have recently carried out an emergency fuel evacuation of a lorry which was involved in a collision with a car on the M42 motorway. The lorry fuel tank was damaged and was leaking. A temporary repair job was done until our evacuation unit arrived and then our engineer had to evacuate the lorry tank. This is no simple job as you might imagine, lorry fuel tanks hold many hundreds of litres of fuel and handling of such large quantities of diesel fuel can only legally be done by an expert with the correct licencing.

Government employees are all subject to the same stresses as everyone else and periodically a mistake is made whereby the employee fills up a vehicle with the wrong fuel type. Our engineers have to be prepared as this can be almost any type of vehicle and they need to have an excellent understanding of a wide range of vehicle fuel systems.

If you’re an emergency services worker and you have accidentally filled up with petrol in a diesel vehicle or vice versa, you can count on Fuel Medic to provide a super fast response, high quality fuel drain service whatever time of day or night it may be. Call our hotline on 0845 644 7991 and we’ll be there in a flash.

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