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Wrong Fuel In Car Cost

When you’ve been unlucky enough to have accidentally filled up your car or van with the wrong type of fuel, one of the first questions that jumps into your mind is, “How much is this going to cost me?”

No one likes unexpected bills, especially those that come from a situation where you are probably already stressed out! The aim of this information page is to address the potential cost of putting in the wrong fuel and to help you make sure that the error costs you as little as possible whilst safeguarding your potentially valuable vehicle.

How To Avoid Wrong Fuel In Car Cost Nightmares

wrong fuel in car costOK, so why do motorists sometimes end up paying huge repair bills after putting in the wrong fuel? Well, there are a number of reasons which are as follows:

1) The motorist had their vehicle towed to a main dealer. In our experience, main dealers always seem to charge excruciating amounts to fix the problem. This is probably due to the fact that they are not wrong fuel removal experts and therefore may have to hire in the equipment to do the job. They may also be obligated by warranty companies to replace certain fuel system parts “just in case”.

2) The motorist had the vehicle towed to a local garage. If the local mechanic is not a fuel drain expert then, just as in the first scenario, they may have to hire in equipment and carry out work that may potentially be unnecessary to be on the safe side.

3) The motorist has put in a low quantity (less than 20% of a tank) of the wrong fuel type and has either read some duff information or has decided that it’ll be fine to top the tank up with the right fuel, and just drive the vehicle until the wrong fuel has been diluted out of the system by subsequent fill ups. More often than not, this will result in failure of fuel system components and if the injectors are damaged that can mean seriously expensive repairs are required.

In short, do none of the above and you’ll be on the right track to controlling your wrong fuel in car cost.

What Is The Best Course Of Action And How Much Should It Cost?

wrong fuel in car costYou may have noticed that many websites state that you shouldn’t start the engine. Whilst this is true, in reality many victims of the wrong fuel scenario simply don’t notice that they have put the wrong fuel in their vehicle. They’re distracted and that’s why the mistake was made in the first place but don’t worry, in the vast majority of cases the problem can still be solved with a fuel drain – it may just be a little more complicated for the engineer and maybe your wrong fuel in car cost will be a little more.

If you find yourself in this annoyingly stressful circumstance, look for a reputable mobile fuel drain engineer. You can use your smart phone to do an internet search or, if you don’t have access to a phone, ask at the forecourt shop counter. They may have some business cards for a local firm or may be able to recommend someone. It would be wise to do a little bit of investigation at this point to ensure the company you are going to call is reputable. Customer testimonials are always a good source of peace of mind. With regards to the cost, most fuel drain companies offering a high quality service will charge between £120 and £150 plus 20% VAT. The cost covers the travelling expense to reach you, the serious cost of professional fuel drain removal equipment, expensive mandatory specialist insurance policies which all engineers must have to cover themselves and you for the work carried out, and the engineer’s wages. When looked at like this, the cost is really good value for a skilled technician.

There are companies out there who charge less or who don’t charge the VAT, but these should start alarm bells ringing. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for” – and if someone is charging less than £100 for a fuel drain service, you run the risk of them not being insured, not being properly qualified or not using the proper equipment for the job. A large percentage of the work we do comes from motorists who have tried to cut corners when getting a fuel drain and have ended up with a damaged vehicle because the job was not done properly in the first place. Please be aware, as with all industries, there is a rogue element at work within the fuel drain industry.

What Should A Professional Fuel Drain Technician Do To A Vehicle With The Wrong Fuel In It?

Any fuel drain technician worth his salt will happily tell you what he’s doing to your vehicle. Here are the stages of the fuel drain process:

1) Set up the fuel drain equipment and securely connect hose to the vehicle fuel tank aperture.
2) Completely evacuate the vehicle fuel tank to remove as much of the wrong fuel type from the system as possible, into a reinforced steel container.
3) Flush the vehicle fuel system to remove all traces of the wrong fuel from fuel lines and engine components so that no contaminant is left.
4) If necessary, reset the vehicle ECU to remove any related system faults and then check to ensure no faults reoccur when restarting the engine.

If the fuel drain company who you call out look as if they they’re going to try to drain your vehicle fuel tank into a few plastic containers with a dodgy looking rubber tube and a pump, then you’ll know they’re not to be trusted and it’s in your best interests to ask them to leave. These guys are not insured or approved to work on the forecourt or transport dangerous chemicals. There are, unfortunately, a few of them around as well. The cost of using a dodgy company could well be serious in the short term as well as in the long run.

If you should have any questions regarding wrong fuel in car cost, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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