wrong fuel in car
wrong fuel medic Contact Details
wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Cannock petrol in diesel Ford Kuga diesel

FAO Andy

Hi there to you and all the team. Just wanted to say thanks for the super service yesterday and, as requested, here’s my company review given with my pleasure:

Fuel Medic were brilliant yesterday after I put a full tank of petrol into my diesel Ford Kuga. I was in tears when I phoned because I thought the engine would be ruined as I had tried to start the car after putting in the petrol as I didn’t realise what I had done. I panicked when it wouldn’t start and then when I looked at my fuel receipt I suddenly knew what the problem was. I got straight onto Google on my phone and I searched for “wrong fuel in car Cannock” and Fuel Medic came up in the results. I liked the website and all the nice reviews from previous customers and so I chose them to help. Andy arrived at the fuel station about half an hour later and he was really kind and relaxed about the whole thing and told me that even though I had turned the key in the ignition, the car wouldn’t be ruined. He did a fuel drain and then flushed the engine and after that the car started first time. I can’t tell you how relieved I was! All aspects of the service were great and I would give 5 stars for customer service, response time, job time and overall impression of the company; very professional. I had a good feeling about Fuel Medic from the moment I first spoke to them to when the super cool van arrived with all the sparkling clean, space-age looking equipment on board. To top it all the price was a whole lot less than I thought it would be for a service like this. I was really pleased that I chose Fuel Medic and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in Cannock who was put petrol in a diesel car like me.

Massive Thank yous all round,

Georgia Haynes, wrong fuel Cannock, petrol in diesel Ford Kuga

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