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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Bristol petrol in diesel Saab 9-3

Hello Simon

A quick note from me and the wife (Les Richmond with the SAAB 9-3) to say thanks a lot for the great service we received from Fuel Medic after my little mistake yesterday. My excuse is that I always used to drive a petrol SAAB 9-3 until a few days ago when someone kindly smashed it up for me while it was parked. I managed to get this car for a bargain price by a stroke of luck and then I go and put petrol in it instead of diesel because that’s what I’m so used to doing! I really thought I’d gone from one wrecked car to another as I thought the engine would be knackered with the wrong fuel in it. When I saw your website on my phone I will admit, I was a bit skeptical as I had never even heard of mobile fuel drains. I thought I should give it a go, though. I spoke to your guy on the phone and he was professional and helpful and gave me a really good price for the job. I thought I had nothing to lose and so I went for it. I’m not a Bristol native and didn’t really know where I was as we were on the way home from visiting a friend but you managed to find us just from the name of the fuel station and a description of the street! I made a couple of phone calls and next thing I knew you got there and got straight on with the job which was done really quickly. It was all very professional too and I felt like I was treated like a valued customer. That’s a rare thing nowadays! 45 minutes later the car was purring like a kitten and we were on our way again. Top job, Sir! I’ll keep hold of your card in case I have another “senior” moment and I can pass on your details and recommend you if I know of anyone else putting in the wrong fuel in the Bristol area.

All The Best,

Les and Helen Richmond, wrong fuel Bristol, petrol in diesel SAAB 9-3

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