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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Bedford petrol in diesel Honda HRV

Hi There

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Simon at Fuel Medic and all the staff working behind the scenes for the assist this morning. I’ve never put the wrong fuel into a car before and so I had no idea about mobile fuel drain companies and didn’t know what to expect. When I first did it, I thought that I would be forking out for a new engine, so finding Fuel Medic on Google was just brilliant. I can’t explain why I did it, I’ve had the car for a few years and haven’t managed to put in petrol instead of diesel before. I must have just been away with the fairies and not concentrating on what I was doing. I didn’t even notice until the lady at the till said, “£40’s worth of unleaded”. I did a double take and then had to own up to what I’d done. They were really good though and told me not to try to start it. They helped me push it to one side on the forecourt and then said, “Call Fuel Medic”. I guess they had your card. I’m not all that familiar with Bedford but thankfully your engineer was and he found me really quickly. I think I was only waiting for about 25 minutes. He was very organised and had the job done quickly and the engine going again which was a relief! I felt very reassured that I was dealing with professionals as Simon was very polite and talked me through the whole procedure. I liked that I was given a quote beforehand too and not just railroaded into paying up after the job was done, I had a choice of going elsewhere, which I’m glad that I didn’t do. Simon was quick and efficient and is definitely a credit to your company. I’ll be recommending your company when I can and once again, big thanks to all the team. Cheers Fuel Medic!

Luke Evans, Wrong Fuel Bedford, petrol in diesel Honda HRV

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