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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Petrol In Diesel Car By Mistake

This is by far the most common error made by motorists who our engineers assist. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the unleaded fuel nozzle is able to fit easily into the standard diesel fuel tank aperture. The opposite situation whereby diesel fuel is put into a vehicle that runs on unleaded fuel is much less likely to occur. For the most part this is because a standard diesel fuel pump nozzle is larger than a standard unleaded fuel tank aperture on the vast majority of modern cars or vans. The exceptions are some imported or modified vehicles and motorcycles.

Dealing With Wrong Fuel Emergency Calls – Initial Advice

Petrol In Diesel Car By MistakeWhen receiving a call about a case whereby a motorist has put petrol in a diesel car by mistake, we always advise the customer not to start the vehicle or to operate the central locking on the vehicle if at all possible. It’s by no means the end of the world if either of these actions are carried out, but it does make our engineer’s job much faster and easier and so decreases the amount of time by which our customer is delayed. If the key is turned in the ignition then fuel is sent to the engine and the wrong type of fuel obviously will not allow it to fire up. With regards to the advice of not operating the central locking on a vehicle, this is because many modern vehicle ECU systems will prime the fuel pump and draw fuel from the tank when the central locking is operated, in anticipation of the engine being started.

Draining Fuel From a Vehicle Fuel Tank

It may sound like a straight forward enough task but the complexity of modern vehicle engines and fuel tanks ensure that it is anything but simple. It is most certainly a job for experienced professionals and not enthusiastic amateurs trying to save a few pounds. We attend many jobs throughout the year which require our engineers to rectify jobs where the vehicle owner has tried a DIY fuel drain or the job has not been done properly by the “cowboy” element at work within the industry. Putting petrol in a diesel car by mistake can be a stressful enough experience as it never occurs at a convenient time, without the additional hassle and expense of having to get the job done twice.
Our emergency fuel drain vehicles are fitted with the latest in high tech equipment so that our engineers can get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Petrol In Diesel Car By MistakeWhy You Should Use Fuel Medic

It’s difficult to think straight when you’re in a stressful situation and few of the motorists that we assist are even aware that the mobile fuel drain industry exists. No-one likes unexpected bills either, and many people who have put petrol in a diesel car by mistake immediately try to think of the least expensive way out of the problem.

Our mobile fuel drain units can attend an incident on the fuel station forecourt. This eliminates the cost of having your vehicle towed home; even if you’re close to home this can still cost between £40 and £80 and it’s now illegal to get your mate to tow you without using a rigid tow bar and having the correct insurance in place. If you’re a member of a breakdown service you’ll find that, more often than not, you’ll have to wait anything up to 4 hours for help and that help can be expensive as they are not specialists in this field.

Our engineers aim to be with you within 40 minutes as we have engineers operating locally to most UK towns and cities. The speed and efficiency of our system means that it wouldn’t actually cost you any more, in terms of time and money, to use our service than it would to try a DIY solution; you may even save money. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing the job has been done properly and thoroughly.

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