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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Petrol in diesel vehicle or vice versa? What should you do now?

1. Don’t Worry!

We recognise that this piece of advice is easier said than done as, in all likelihood, the moment when you realise that you’ve put in the wrong fuel will be a moment of panic and stress. But really, try not to worry. There are a great many advice websites out there containing rather disturbing statements with regards to what happens when you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, but in the vast majority of cases, a fuel drain will solve the petrol in diesel problem. Our experts are trained to deal with all situations associated with petrol in diesel cars or vice versa, and will either attend and fix the problem for you or offer advice; whichever is required.

Modern life is stressful, we all know that, and putting in the wrong fuel can happen to any motorist at any time. If you’re still on the fuel station forecourt, inform the staff and they can advise and help if the vehicle needs to be moved to a safer location on the forecourt, away from the fuel pumps. This kind of thing happens all the time and they will probably be quite used to helping affected motorists.

2. If you haven’t already, then don’t try to start your vehicle.

Some vehicle manufacturers will also advise against locking or unlocking the vehicle as this can cause the fuel pump to prime which circulates the wrong fuel type around the system. Not starting the vehicle makes our engineer’s job a little more straight forward but motorists needn’t worry if they’ve put petrol in diesel cars or vans and then started the engine or driven the vehicle after putting in the wrong fuel, just pull over in a safe place as soon as possible, if you’re able to.

Wrong Fuel Medic

3. Call the Fuel Medic wherever you are and whether you have started the engine or not.

If you’re on a fuel station forecourt, call us now and we’ll get our closest engineer out to you. If the vehicle has stalled on a public road, tell our engineer about your situation when you place a call to us and we’ll prioritise your job. If you’re a lone female motorist or you have vulnerable dependants with you, such as your kids or elderly people in the vehicle then, again, we will prioritise your job and send a petrol in diesel engineer to you as fast as possible.

We will aim to get one of our mobile units out to assist you with your petrol in diesel situation within 60 minutes (depending on your location) to remove the wrong fuel from your vehicle. You can call us wherever you are, whether you’re at the fuel station, at the side of the road, on the hard shoulder of the motorway or on your driveway.

We frequently attend situations where motorists have filled up with petrol in diesel cars at motorway service stations and have then driven onto the motorway only to break down on the slip road or actually on the carriageway. If you are in a precarious or dangerous situation then you must tell our engineer who may need to inform the emergency services to ensure your safety and that of other motorists and your vehicle. Put on your hazard warning lights, especially if it’s at night. If you can safely do so, then you should put up your red warning triangle behind your vehicle if it has one. It is also important that you do not remain in the vehicle if you’re on the motorway or on the hard shoulder for safety reasons.

4. Speak to the Fuel Medic before contacting your main dealer or your local mechanic.

In the vast majority of cases, when motorists put petrol in diesel cars or vans or vice versa, a fuel drain and fuel system flush will solve the problem and prevent any damage from occurring within any of the vehicle fuel system components. Expensive, time consuming engine of fuel system repairs simply won’t be necessary. Unfortunately, main dealers and local mechanics who do not specialise in removing the wrong fuel from affected vehicles, don’t have the best reputation for looking after your interests if it doesn’t make them any money! You may be misled or given suspect advice and if you’re at all unsure or you’re facing a huge repair bill, then please call us first for the best petrol in diesel advice before committing to any work.

5. Call us for a second opinion before having any petrol in diesel repair work done.

If you have taken your car to your local mechanic or main dealer and have been told that your vehicle engine or fuel system needs seriously expensive repairs, don’t just take their word for it. They are very unlikely to be specialists in the removal of and remedial actions required for petrol in a diesel car situations. Call the Fuel Medic and get a second opinion from one of our experts. Our extensive experience and training means that we know exactly what needs to be checked when vehicle owners have put petrol in diesel vehicle fuel systems and if damage has occurred to any fuel system component and it has to be replaced, we can tell you how difficult a repair job is and estimate how much you should pay if absolutely necessary.

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