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Wrong Fuel Manchester petrol in diesel VW Golf GTtdi

Hi Fuel Medic Team

This is Carl Foster here from Manchester. I drive the black VW Golf GT tdi that you came out to yesterday evening when I was on my way back from work and I put the wrong fuel in it like an idiot. I was so angry with myself for doing that because I know several people who have done the same thing and I am guilty of having taken the mickey out of them a bit! Boy are they going to have the last laugh when they find out that I’ve done it too! I had to swallow my pride and call one of them to find out who to call to get the wrong fuel removed from your car. You were recommended to me for a wrong fuel Manchester problem as you have a guy covering Manchester and its boroughs. Thankfully my buddy told me that the fuel drain wasn’t expensive and that his car was fine afterwards and has been ever since so at least I was confident that the problem would be solved properly. I was really impressed as well with the response time, particularly in bad rush hour traffic, your man was there in just over 40 minutes which seemed to be no time at all after I’d told the forecourt guy what had happened and got myself a coffee and some food from the shop. He showed up in a sparklingly clean van and smart uniform which gave me confidence straight away and he got straight on with the job and kept me informed about what he was doing as he went along. He obviously knew his stuff and did a great job, checking everything as he went along and taking great care of my car too. He was all done with the fuel drain in about 20 minutes and then he reset the ECU and was done. The whole thing from phone call to me getting back on the road was only just over an hour. I thought I would lose the whole evening! Excellent service guys, all aspects were brilliant. Low cost, fast response, thorough job and the car is running great. I will definitely be recommending you if any of my freinds or family have a wrong fuel Manchester problem.


Carl Foster, wrong fuel Manchester, diesel VW Golf GT tdi

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