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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Help – Steps To Minimise The Stress

Putting the Wrong Fuel into your vehicle is stressful, there’s no question about it. Very often, the motorist who is unfortunate enough to have accidentally put petrol in a diesel vehicle, or vice versa, has not experienced the situation before and dealing with the unknown often leads to incorrect assumptions. A large number of the … Read more

Wrong Fuel Removal DIY Disasters – Myth Busting Part 2

Wrong Fuel Removal – Don’t Try The DIY Approach – Myth 2 As part of our ongoing wrong fuel myth busting series of blog posts, we’re going to look at some of the most terrible wrong fuel removal DIY misinformation that can be found on the internet. There are a frightening number of websites offering … Read more

Wrong Fuel In Diesel Car – Myth Busting

Wrong Fuel In Diesel Car Myth 1 Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at dispelling those wrong fuel in diesel car myths. The internet is a brilliant source of information but not all of it is correct and not all of the advice that you may find is beneficial. We have … Read more

Wrong Fuel Recovery – Winter Blues

Wrong Fuel recovery incidents increase during the Winter months We always find that we have a really busy period at the start of the year with Wrong Fuel recovery incidents. There are a number of possible causes for this spike in our activity: Commuting motorists are under stress as they try to re-focus on work … Read more

Petrol in Diesel Cars – The Curse of the Twin Tank

Removal of Petrol from Diesel Vehicles with Twin Fuel Tanks This is an issue that we have encountered numerous times over the years. It’s usually a job that we’re called out to where another wrong fuel recovery company has been out to a motorist who has filled up with petrol instead of diesel, and they … Read more

Petrol in a diesel car by mistake – Myth Busting

Petrol in a diesel car – Myths People react differently in stressful situations and filling up your car or van with the wrong fuel, such as petrol in a diesel car, is definitely stressful. It usually happens at the most impossibly inconvenient time; when you’re late getting the kids to school or getting to work, … Read more

How do I remove petrol from my diesel car?

Quite often we get calls from motorists who ask the question, “How do I get petrol out of my diesel car?” More often than not, it’s because motorists are very worried about the cost of removing petrol from a diesel engined vehicle when they have accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel type. These calls … Read more

Petrol in a Diesel Engine

Help! I’ve put petrol in a diesel engine, what will happen to it? What happens to your vehicle engine very much depends upon the amount of petrol that you’ve put in compared to the amount of diesel that may already be in the tank. Our wrong fuel engineers have come across all of the different … Read more

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