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Wrong Fuel Coventry petrol in diesel VW Transporter

Hi Simon

As requested, here is my company review of Fuel Medic for you.

Fuel Medic are a brilliant fuel drain company who will go above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers. When I put 30 litres of petrol into my diesel VW Transporter without realising, I wasn’t sure where to turn for help as, at the time, I didn’t know about wrong fuel emergency call out companies. I was in the middle of a moving job for a client and was just filling up the van with fuel on my lunchbreak. I was really worried because the client needed me to move furniture to their new house and would have been in real trouble if I had not have been able to complete the job for them, plus I would have lost out on being paid for the job! I needed a fast and good quality solution and after phoning around several garages in the Coventry area I was given a number for Fuel Medic. When I spoke to Simon he was really helpful and appreciated my predicament. He came straight out to me and was there within 25 minutes of my call. He managed to empty the whole tank of the van in about 20 minutes and then flushed the system with fresh fuel and got the van running properly once more. I was then able to continue my job and the client did not even realise that there had been a problem! Fuel Medic really saved the day for me there and the whole service from my first call to receiving the surprisingly small bill, was truly excellent. I cannot begin to thank the team enough for what they did for me and I will certainly be recommending them going forwards.

Many Thanks for all your help with the fuel drain and good luck for the future.


Brian Marshall, wrong fuel Coventry, petrol in diesel VW Transporter

Wrong Fuel Nuneaton petrol in diesel Hyundai i40

To The Team at Fuel Medic.

Faisal asked me if I would be kind enough to leave some comments about your service on your website so please add my thoughts to your reviews section. I would rate your service as 10 out of 10 for speed of response, customer service and attitude and for the fuel drain job itself. The work was carried out on my Hyundai i40 after I foolishly put a whole tank of unleaded petrol into my diesel car. I probably did it because I have always driven petrol cars before this one and I was just filling up with fuel and not concentrating properly on what I was doing. By the time I noticed it was too late. Thankfully I didn’t try to start the car as Faisal informed me that this would have made the job much harder and it would have been more expensive to resolve. Faisal arrived very quickly after I initially spoke to him on the phone for a quote to do the job. He was very friendly and comforting, telling me that the car would be perfectly fine after the fuel drain. He was really respectful towards both me and my car and even put a blanket over the car bodywork to protect it whilst he was doing the fuel drain. We had a great chat and Faisal seemed to know Nuneaton really well and was telling me about the best places to go for DIY items as I am doing up my house. I found the service to be really friendly and professional and I know that Faisal did a really good job on my car as it is now running superbly, better than it was before I put in the wrong fuel!

Highly recommended company.

Thank you very much once again.

Terry Jackson, wrong fuel Nuneaton, petrol in diesel Hyundai i40

Wrong Fuel Oxford petrol in diesel VW Sharan

Thank you Fuel Medic, you saved our holiday! My family weren’t too mad at me for putting in the wrong fuel either because you were so quick in sorting the problem out for us. My first thought, when I realised what I’d done, was that I’d probably be needing to get the old bus towed away and then it would sit in the garage for a few days having a load of expensive repairs done. Thankfully, my wife is on the ball and she found your website using her phone and suggested that I give you a try. I’ll come clean and say that I was a bit skeptical as I had never heard of fuel drain companies before, but when I looked at the kids poor little disappointed faces I relented and gave you a call. I spoke to Simon who was very matter of fact about the whole thing, as if it wasn’t a problem and he actually said that it was very common and people did it all the time! I think I may have heard about a friend a while ago, who put in the wrong fuel but I just laughed at the time as I never thought it would be something that I would do. We were lucky that you had a guy near Oxford and he was there after about 45 minutes. It was really nice to deal with him as well, as he was a very pleasant chap with great manners and the customer service we received was just brilliant. The whole sorry situation went from stress and frustration at potentially missing our holiday, to a laugh and a chat while your engineer did his job with the fuel drain and then had our Sharan started and on the road once more. He even accompanied us up the road for a while to check that all was OK with the vehicle, which was a lovely touch.

I definitely won’t hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family if they’re daft enough to put in the wrong fuel like me and I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I hope I don’t need to use you again! Obviously I would if I had to though!

Cheers and All The Best,

Rob Carstairs and the Carstairs clan, wrong fuel Oxford, petrol in diesel VW Sharan

Wrong Fuel Milton Keynes diesel Ford Kuga

Hi All

It’s Mark from Milton Keynes here. A chap called Andy came to the rescue yesterday afternoon when I put the wrong fuel in my Black Ford Kuga on the way home from work. It was a bit of a shock when I realised what I’d done and it was my daughter who spotted it and stopped me from starting the car. I’ve only just got this Kuga and we always had petrol cars before. I only made the switch to diesel because my work is a bit further away now and I have to do a bit of travelling. I just pulled into the fuel station and filled up on autopilot. Milton Keynes is a busy old place, especially in the town centre, and I was really surprised when I called Fuel Medic and you were there in 40 minutes even with the bad traffic. That was a very good start to a great service experience. I don’t often feel the need to review companies, perhaps because it’s been so long since I’ve had such a positive experience? I got the card from the forecourt person, which was why I called as I’d never heard of fuel drain companies until yesterday, never had the need before! The whole job was done quickly and to a high standard as far as I’m concerned. All the equipment looked super high tech stuff and Andy certainly knows his trade as well. He had the car going in no time at all and it’s been fine since. I really appreciated the courtesy with which I was treated and the customer care too. Andy followed me down the road for a few miles to make sure all was OK with the vehicle rather than just zooming off as soon as the job was done. I will certainly be passing on your details if I come across anyone else in Milton Keynes who has put in the wrong fuel, only I hope it’s not me next time!

Thanks very much indeed for all your superb help.

Mark Woolman, wrong fuel Milton Keynes, diesel Ford Kuga

Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton Mercedes A200 diesel

Hi There, it’s Sam from Wolverhampton here. Your engineer Andy came out to assist when my girlfriend filled up my Mercedes A200 diesel with petrol a few days ago. We just wanted to let you know what we thought of your service and how impressed we were with your customer service too. My girlfriend borrowed my car while hers was off the road. She drives a petrol Mercedes A200 and mine is diesel. When she stopped to fill mine up on the way to deliver my car back to me, she accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel. Easy mistake to make, I guess! She called me and was really upset but said she had found Fuel Medic on-line and wanted to call you guys out to help. I thought it sounded like a good idea and she spoke to Andy who said he’d be out to help in about 45 minutes. It would have taken me longer to get to her in Wolverhampton as I live in Worcester, so we booked Andy and he was there after about 40 minutes or so. That was brilliant considering that the RAC would have left my girlfriend stranded for 2 hours and even then, all they would have done was towed her to a garage. Andy got the tank drained quickly and was really pleasant and reassuring, apparently. It’s good to know that there are folks out there who look after their customers so well. I know we had to pay for the service but it’s still worth mentioning as a lot of garages take money from people and still treat them like rubbish. Andy was just brilliant, he even followed my girlfriend for a while to make sure everything was good with the car after finishing the job. The car seems to be fine following the incident and has been filled up and driven since with no problems at all. Thanks for looking after my girlfriend and the car, it’s much appreciated and we’ll certainly be recommending you.

Best Wishes

Sam Goodall, Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton, diesel Mercedes A200

Wrong Fuel Coventry petrol in diesel BMW 420

To All At Fuel Medic

I just wanted to let you know what a credit to your company Faisal is. He was an absolute diamond this morning after I managed to put half a tank of petrol in my diesel Beemer while I was driving through Coventry. I’m not familiar with the city and I was in a big rush to get back on the motorway and home again. My mind was elsewhere and before I knew it I’d put 25 pounds worth of petrol in my car. I had a terrible feeling that I’d probably wrecked the engine and the car is only 6 months old! I found the number for Fuel Medic when I did a phone search for what to do when you’ve put the wrong fuel in a diesel car and your website popped up. It all looked very promising and when I spoke to Faisal on the phone he was very reassuring and took all my stress away. He came out to me within 30 mins and was just brilliant. He was cheerful, chatty and took great care of my car and did a really good job. I was surprised at the cost too because I was expecting to have to pay far more – a friend of mine had to pay £250 to the AA when she did the same thing a while ago. I’m glad I didn’t call them out. The AA always take ages to come out too.

So thank you very much for a great rescue job and I’ll spread the word about how great Fuel Medic is!

Huge Thanks

Laurie Edmondson, wrong fuel Coventry, diesel BMW 420

Wrong Fuel Birmingham petrol in diesel VW Jetta

FAO Andy

Just a quick note to say how pleased I was with your fuel drain service yesterday morning. I thought that I was in serious trouble after putting 50 litres of petrol in my diesel Jetta. I haven’t been to Birmingham before either so I was in a proper pickle. I didn’t know where I was and I thought I had killed my poor car! I was really upset about it but some nice folks at the fuel station helped me out and someone found a card for Wrong Fuel UK in the forecourt shop. As I didn’t have my phone with me, the lady behind the shop counter called you out for me. I know it was an expensive mistake to make as all that fuel was wasted because it had mixed with some diesel that was already in the tank, but I thought it would be much worse and I was relived to find out that the problem could be solved so quickly rather than me having to get the car towed back home to Bristol. I haven’t had the car long and the one I had before was a petrol VW Polo so I suppose that’s why I made the error when filling up. I was back on the road again less than an hour after putting in the petrol which was excellent. I will be recommending your service to my friends as you said you covered Bristol as well and I know that at least one of my friends has already done the same thing but had a nightmare trying to get the problem solved by a garage. It ended up costing her a fortune!

Thank you very much for looking after me so well!

Milly Davenport, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, petrol in diesel VW Jetta

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