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Wrong Fuel Walsall petrol in diesel Infiniti Q50


I used your service last week after putting petrol into my diesel Infiniti Q50 whilst I was in Walsall for business. The engineer who helped me was Simon and he asked if I would leave a comment about the service I received. I am happy to say that I was very pleased with the service and I was certainly very glad to learn that solving the problem was so easy. I didn’t know that petrol in diesel removal was possible via a mobile service. I thought I would have to get my car towed to a garage and then probably get fleeced for the repair work. I was beginning to panic that I would need a new engine or at least some serious repairs that would have my car off the road for a while just as I have a really busy time with my work. As I am self employed that would have been a massive headache for me financially as well as for my business. The chap on the forecourt told me about fuelk drain companies and suggested that I give your company a try as he had seen your van on his forecourt several times in the past. I’m not familiar with Walsall so I didn’t really know where I was, only that I was at a Shell station in Walsall somewhere. When I called, the guy I spoke to knew exactly where I was straight away. He gave me a quote which was substantially less that I thought it would be. Simon then arrived about half an hour later. He then did the fuel drain and flushed the engine through because I had tried to start the car after filling it up as I didn’t realise what I had done at that time. It was only when the car wouldn’t start that it dawned on me that I had put in petrol instead of diesel (I have no idea why I did it, lack of concentration I suppose!). When the job was done the car started up first time as if nothing was wrong and it hasn’t missed a beat since.

Great job and great service – thank you so much.

Henry Statham, Wrong Fuel Walsall, petrol in diesel Infiniti Q50

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