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wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Diesel Ford Kuga

To the Fuel Medic

I am not normally the type who sits down and writes reviews for companies that I use as I am not great with computers but I thought that in the case of your company, I should make the effort. I would like to let you know what a wonderful job your engineer, Andy, did when he came out to myself and my wife after I put petrol into my new Ford Kuga instead of diesel. When I realised that I had put in the wrong fuel I had already put 30 litres into the tank so I knew that it wouldn’t be safe to drive if I filled up with diesel on top of it. The car is new and so I was very worried about the effect that the petrol would have on the engine. One of the other gentlemen on the forecourt searched on the internet on his phone for me and found your number and wrote it down for me. I first called the AA but they were expensive and not very helpful, I called your number and was quoted a lower price and a faster response time. Andy arrived very quickly and was extremely pleasant, well mannered and reassuring. He got straight on with the fuel drain and was very careful with my new car. The job was done quickly and I was impressed with Andy’s uniform, his spotless van and spotless fuel drain equipment. I think the respect shown to myself and my wife was the main reason for sending this message, though. It was very refreshing to encounter such a pleasant young man. I will most certainly recommend your company and I will retain your card just in case I am absent minded in the future, although, hopefully, I have learned my lesson!

Many Thanks for the wonderful service,

Len and Yvonne Colman, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, diesel Ford Kuga

Petrol in Diesel Cars – The Curse of the Twin Tank

Removal of Petrol from Diesel Vehicles with Twin Fuel Tanks

This is an issue that we have encountered numerous times over the years. It’s usually a job that we’re called out to where another wrong fuel recovery company has been out to a motorist who has filled up with petrol instead of diesel, and they have supposedly completed the job and then driven off with the money. The motorist drives off down the road only to break down again after a couple of miles. They call the original company who then claim that it’s not their fault.

We know why this happens. It tends to be some of the bigger diesel 4x4s and Vans that fall foul here and it’s because they have twin fuel tanks. They need this kind of fuel system because they tend to use more fuel than a diesel car, being much heavier and much more thirsty. They still need to have a good travelling range on full tanks. But, twin fuel tanks are notoriously difficult to perform a fuel drain on. Moreover, vehicles with twin fuel tanks are not easy to identify. Our engineers have a tremendous amount of experience and they know exactly what to look for if they suspect a vehicle may have twin fuel tanks.

If you know the fuel system set up of your vehicle then it’s useful to pass on the information, if you happen to put in the wrong fuel, when speaking to our operator. All of our mobile wrong fuel removal vehicles are equipped with the right tools to do the job properly and we will never leave a motorist until we are absolutely sure that the job is complete and the vehicle is safe to drive away.

If you are at all unsure whether a job has been done right by another company then you are within your rights to refuse to pay until you are satisfied. If payment is demanded up front, then something is definitely not right and you should turn the company away. Our engineers will explain the costs before doing the job but will only ask for payment once you are 100% happy with the job.

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