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Wrong Fuel Birmingham BMW 320 diesel

Hi Fuel Medic, just a quick message to say thank you ever so much for all your brilliant help with getting me back on the road after I stupidly put petrol in my BMW 320d instead of diesel. I must have been half asleep and I could have cried when I realised what I’d done as I needed to get to work early and had a really busy day for which I needed my car. Andy, your engineer was there in super quick time and he wasted no time in sorting out the fuel drain and getting my car started up again. I’ve never been so happy as when he started it up and it went first time. It’s been running well since so I haven’t done any damage to it, thank God. I’ll keep your card in my handbag in case I need you again, hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson though. If someone else is in a similar spot though, I may be able to help by passing on your number. I would certainly recommend your brilliant service to others. Thanks again.

Joy Hamilton, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, BMW 320 diesel

Petrol in a diesel car by mistake – Myth Busting

Petrol in a diesel car – Myths

People react differently in stressful situations and filling up your car or van with the wrong fuel, such as petrol in a diesel car, is definitely stressful. It usually happens at the most impossibly inconvenient time; when you’re late getting the kids to school or getting to work, or just before you have to get off on a long journey down the motorway. Many motorists are unaware that the wrong fuel recovery industry even exists as it tends to be the kind of thing you do once and are then forever checking yourself when filling up to make sure that you don’t put in the wrong fuel again.

The first thing that tends to happen in a petrol in a diesel car situation is that the motorist tries to recall any information about fuel or removing the wrong fuel from a vehicle. Many will do an internet search for related information, some may phone a friend. Whilst many will find a good solution, such as calling out the Fuel Medic team, others may take a different approach and try to resolve the situation themselves. This article is offered as a sanity check for those who want to attempt to solve a wrong fuel problem themselves. Please take heed of the following information, it comes from years of experience within the wrong fuel recovery industry and may help you avoid making a bad situation much worse.

Petrol in a diesel car Myth 1: I’ve only put in a small amount of petrol, if I fill up with diesel everything will be fine

Petrol is a solvent and it does not have the lubricating qualities of diesel. If you have any amount of petrol in your vehicle fuel tank, even if it’s mixed with diesel, the lubrication of components within the vehicle fuel system will be compromised. Wear will occur where there is metal to metal contact between components. Tiny metal particles will make their way to the fuel injectors. You may be lucky and this may not affect your engine depending upon how much “swarf” is created. The other possibility is that the injectors become blocked and you have to get them replaced. This is an expensive job, do you really want to risk it?

Petrol in a diesel car Myth 2: Petrol is lighter than diesel and so it floats on top of any diesel that is already in my tank. I’ll just get a hand pump and take out the top few litres from the tank.

This simply isn’t true I’m afraid. The petrol and diesel will mix in your vehicle fuel tank especially if the vehicle has been in motion. Even if by some miracle you manage to get the majority of the petrol out of your diesel vehicle fuel tank, there will be some residual petrol. This will in all likelihood damage your vehicle engine in the long term. See you previous myth for details.

Petrol in a diesel car Myth 3: My car is new, a little of the wrong fuel type will be OK because a modern system will compensate for any lack of lubrication.

We’ve included this one because it’s amazingly common and we’ve heard it no end of times. In fact, the opposite is true, the more sophisticated the fuel system and associated electronics, the more likely it is that damage will occur resulting in big repair bills and bills for resetting of the system ECU.

Petrol in a diesel car Myth 4: I can do this myself with an electric or hand pump and a bit of rubber hose.

Many of the jobs we attend are retrospective jobs where the motorist has attempted to do the wrong fuel removal job themselves and has ended up in a pickle. The truth is, if they’d called the Fuel Medic in the first place then it would have been cheaper than buying the fuel pump, getting the vehicle towed home and spending all that time messing about. We have state of the art equipment that will completely remove all trace of the wrong fuel from your vehicle fuel system. It is very expensive but is used all day everyday, does a thorough and complete job and is used by experts in wrong fuel removal.

Petrol in a diesel car Myth 5: I can just get the repair work done and then I’ll claim on my insurance or vehicle warranty.

Again, we’ve heard this one a lot and have attended many jobs where a poor job has been made by a main dealer in attempting to resolve the issue. The motorist has been unable to claim on their insurance or warranty because the small print says that they’re not covered which is very often the case with most policies. Our wrong fuel engineers are experts with many years of experience and they can get the job done properly and far cheaper than your main dealer or local mechanic or even your roadside recovery company.

Please take heed of the information above. If you need the wrong fuel removed from your car or van. Call in an expert, the Fuel Medics on 08456 447 991.

Wrong Fuel Birmingham Vauxhall Astra diesel

Hi Fuel Medic, this is Laney from Birmingham here. I had the red Vauxhall Astra diesel that I put petrol in at the station in Harborne this morning. Just a quick message to pass on my heartfelt thanks to your mechanic who sorted out the problem for me so well. He was there in a flash and explained everything to me clearly that he needed to do. He also made sure I was OK with the cost before starting any work, there was no pressure sales and the cost was surprisingly low for the work that needed doing. I thought I was in for a massive repair bill but that wasn’t the case and I was very relieved indeed! I will be recommending your company to everyone I know, just in case they need you too, although I am sure they will all have a good laugh at me for being such a fool and filling up with the wrong fuel. Your engineer mentioned that there are 149,999 other people that do the same thing every year, so I didn’t feel so bad then!

Many Thanks

Laney Smith, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, diesel Vauxhall Astra

Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton Vauxhall Astra

Thank you Fuel Medic for removing the petrol from my diesel Vauxhall Astra after my son accidentally filled it up with the wrong fuel. He was all ready to buy me a new engine and was ever so relieved when I told him to call you instead. I found you on the internet and liked your website so I gave him your number and he said that your service was really impressive. Quick and professional were his words and you obviously did a great job as the car has been fine since with no rough running or issues since. I’ve put a sticker on the fuel flap now so hopefully the same thing won’t happen again but I will tell anyone else that I know of who makes the same mistake, who to call.

Thanks again

John Granger, Wrong Fuel Wolverhampton, Vauxhall Astra

Petrol in Diesel Redditch Ford Fiesta

Huge thank you and massive well done to Simon who got me out of the mire this morning. I was the twit who filled up a diesel Ford Fiesta with petrol at the Shell in Redditch just before lunchtime today. I was on my lunch break and thanks to your fast service I still got back into work before the boss went barmy. I didn’t even know about you wrong fuel removal guys before my colleague told me to call you as she has used the Fuel Medic in the past which she confessed to me, and it was her that noticed what I was doing before I’d put too much in. Thanks to her I was only a tenner down in fuel when I stopped filling up. I did the right thing then though and called you before trying to start it or anything. Simon was there like a shot and had us back on our way in no time.

Great service guys, thanks from one very happy motorist.

Heather Bridger, Petrol in Diesel Redditch, Ford Fiesta

How do I remove petrol from my diesel car?

Quite often we get calls from motorists who ask the question, “How do I get petrol out of my diesel car?” More often than not, it’s because motorists are very worried about the cost of removing petrol from a diesel engined vehicle when they have accidentally filled up with the wrong fuel type. These calls are usually made after the motorist has called their breakdown company or a local towing company, to come and tow their vehicle off the forecourt and back to their home, often at quite a high cost. They are then concerned about paying out even more money to fix their wrong fuel problem. Our experts explain to these callers that trying to do the job themselves is most definitely a false economy as attempting such a difficult task can result in huge repair bills for replacement fuel system parts or even new engines.

Specialist Equipment is Vital

Our engineers frequently turn up at motorists houses after a call for help, to find that the caller has attempted to remove the wrong fuel from the vehicle fuel tank using a hand pump or an electric pump with a rubber hose attached. Here are a few reasons why this is not a sensible approach:

  • Petrol is a highly flammable, very dangerous chemical. Incorrect handling can cause serious injury or death.
  • A hand or electric pump will not remove all of the petrol from the vehicle tank and fuel system.
  • It is vital to flush the fuel system through with fresh fuel of the correct type after draining. This can only be done with expensive, specialist equipment.
  • Residual fuel of the wrong type will be left in the vehicle fuel system which will damage the engine over time.

Our engineers have been trained to use specially designed fuel pumps and system flush equipment which ensures that all traces of the wrong fuel type are removed from the vehicle and its fuel system and that none of the sensitive, finely adjusted fuel system components are damaged or compromised in any way. This knowledge only comes from intensive training and years of experience.

Ask An Expert

To put the cost of using an expert to do a fuel drain on your car into perspective, it would probably only cost you an extra few hours in work. Attempting it yourself would probably cost you many wasted hours in getting the car home, on top of the towing cost, then there’s the cost for a hand or electric fuel pump and a length of hose. Add to this some more wasted hours in trying to do the job whilst putting your health at serious risk when handling the petrol, time taken in finding out about how to dispose of contaminated fuel and then doing it, and suddenly the cost of having a professional, reliable job done looks like peanuts.

In short, wrong fuel removal is a job that needs to be done by an experienced professional with the proper equipment. Don’t put yourself or your vehicle at risk. Talk to the Fuel Medic today.

Petrol in Diesel Cannock Nissan Qashqai

Thanks Andy for your help with my Nissan Qashqai earlier. Not sure what I was thinking putting petrol in it rather than diesel but let’s just say my mind was elsewhere! All running superbly since though thanks to your hard work and you can add me to your “happy customer” list on your website as requested, because I am a happy customer! Sorry about being a big wuss and having a panic on the phone but my poor car did not sound happy when it conked out, I thought I’d completely killed it when it dawned on me that I’d put in the wrong fuel type and it cost me an arm a leg to buy. Unlike your charge which was tiny in comparison to what I imagined my error was going to cost me. So, thanks for that too. I still have money for the weekend!

Brilliant service, would use again, hope I don’t need to though!

Ta very much

Lisa Dobbs, Petrol In Diesel Cannock, Nissan Qashqai

Petrol in diesel Coventry Skoda Superb

Hello Fuel Medic Team – I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your assistance with my Skoda Superb after I put petrol in it rather than diesel a few days ago. It’s running well and has been down to Bristol and back a couple of days since, without any hiccups. The mechanic who came out to me was really helpful and reassuring because I was in a right panic thinking that the car would need a new engine and all sorts as I had started and driven the car. A fuel flush and drain seems to have put right the wrongs anyway. I’ll keep your card in case I daydream again at some point in the future and put in the wrong fuel, but I think I’ve learned my lesson now. I’m always seeing poor souls who have done the same thing at the petrol station though so next time I will pass on your number.

Many Thanks for the great service

Jerry Lawson, Petrol in Diesel Coventry, Skoda Superb

Wrong Fuel Birmingham VW Passat

Hi Fuel Medic – Thanks to Andy who saved the day yesterday. I put the wrong fuel in my VW Passat in Birmingham on the Pershore Road early yesterday morning and I was surprised how fast you got to me and impressed with the service as a whole. You are certainly very different from a lot of mechanics that I have met! Your courtesy was a real treat and made me feel a whole lot better about the situation as I was expecting it to be a real hassle. Andy was there quickly, got the job done quickly and was very professional and pleasant. It really gave me confidence that I had called the right fuel drain company and I will be putting in a good word with my boss as my company runs a fleet of cars and I know that others have put petrol in diesel cars too in the past.


Sunny Shah, Wrong Fuel Birmingham, VW Passat

Wrong Fuel Gloucester diesel Toyota Avensis

Thank you Fuel Medic team for getting me out of trouble yesterday with the fuel drain on my Toyota Avensis. This is Vern from Gloucester by the way, I was driving the black Avensis. I’ve only had the car a week and I’ve always driven petrol cars so I just filled up as normal, I feared the worst and I thought it would cost a fortune to get the car towed and get the fuel removed. As it was the Fuel Medic came up trumps and had me back on the road to work in just over an hour even though the traffic was horrendous. You run a great service and I was really impressed with the customer service and courtesy. Proper old school manners, nice to see. I would definitely recommend the Fuel Medic to anyone else who’s put in the wrong fuel for their car.


Vern Stratton, Wrong Fuel Gloucester, diesel Toyota Avensis

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