wrong fuel in car
wrong fuel medic Contact Details
wrong fuel in carwrong fuel medic Contact Details

Alan, Redditch – Diesel Mini

Hi Fuel Medic, Can you solve a mystery for me please? My diesel Mini is playing up, it’s having the occasional judder, is a bit slow starting and doesn’t feel like it did a few weeks ago. My suspicion is, my girlfriend used it a week or so ago, to impress one of her mates … Read more

Dean, Kenilworth – VW Passat Diesel

Hi, can I have an approximate price please? I put unleaded in my 2005 diesel VW Passat (110 bhp version if that helps at all). I kangarooed it half a mile home from the petrol station and now it won’t start. I’m in Kenilworth. Thanks.

Louise – Ford Fiesta Diesel

Thank you so much for your quick response yesterday, my husband hit the roof when he heard I’d put unleaded petrol in the car instead of diesel. With the car safely at home and with no lasting damage, he ended up praising me for calling you guys instead of calling him out of work.   … Read more

Diesel in an unleaded Fiat

Hi, I accidentally put a tenners worth of diesel in my old Fiat, I’ve topped it up with unleaded and it drives but keeps cutting out. It’s only worth about 400 quid, is it worth saving? Cheers

Unleaded in diesel VW Passat

Hi there, my wife put £5 of unleaded in our diesel 57 plate VW Passat before she realised what she was doing. After calling me she then topped up about £70 with diesel, she drove home without an issue. Whilst the car starts OK I’m convinced it’s blowing a little blue smoke. Any thoughts on … Read more

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